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hello i am fat

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hello, i am fat

Hello! I am fat. And this is my weight-gain blog. I have tried very, very hard to lose weight, except I cannot because God hates me and also I like to eat cookies. This is the record of me eating cookies, and snickers and also ham and bacon and peanuts and probably more ham and some more cookies.

You can call me Hello. Please meet my ass, Bucket O' Chicken, My thighs, Ham and Hock, and my big tummy, who I call Pork. We are pleased to meet you.

  1. Blogger Just another one of God's children | 3:01 PM |  

    ok...listen here first pork is no good you keep eating that shit and you're going to die so convert to judaism or islam or something in order not to eat it anymore. Second stop accepting that you're fat and try to find something to do...anything...the reason why you are eating so much is because you have nothing to do and you hate yourself so you just keep doing it. Everyone has the will to do anything if there is a will there is a way honey..you can do it. Take up a dance class or something it does not have to be hard core gym classes start off with something light. Another thing drink lots of green tea it makes you lose wait so do grapefruits, everytime you want a chocolate bar eat a grapefruit or have a green tea.

  2. Blogger CAD Monkey | 3:09 PM |  

    Pork, meet my belly- The Chub.
    That "child of God" person was joking, right?

  3. Blogger Lisa | 8:38 AM |  

    because grapefruits and green tea are so much 'like' chocolate...you will hardly miss the chocolate.

    god's child is probably allergic to chocolate so it's no big deal for him/her to make the substitution. plah.

    btw i fucking love your blog. i read the first (newest) entry and am now slogging my way through the rest of it. you write incredibly well. you should write a book. i would buy it. i would make everyone i know buy it. fat or skinny - its just good shit! you go girl !

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