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hello i am fat

the technical term

Sometimes I am okay, and then sometimes I am crazy. It used to be yoked to the seasons, the up and down of my brain. That's what I thought, anyway. But now that I live somewhere without seasons, I am pretty sure I am just unluckily nuts. Or, to use the technical term: bugfucked.

It's a step up (or down, if you've got to be all technical about it, geeze) from my usual laziness and slothliness when things get tough. For when things get tough, what better thing to do than double-fisted cram? Well, plenty of better things. That's true.

This low-down feeling isn't so much a choice because I’m refusing to make a choice about my habits, it's the kind of thing where it's all I can do to haul myself out of bed in the morning. Fun times. Fun.

So not thinking a lot about websites and health and society's fucked-up notions of beauty vis a vis the controversy surrounding Dove campaign ads and all the other interesting and good things I should be thinking about.

It's been mostly breathe in, breathe out. Well, that went okay. Let's try it again. Slowly, slowly.

I'm not sure that this site is going to be updated at all for awhile, but you never know. There are tiny miracles all around us. Like, for instance, lavender chocolate truffles, and puppies, and bacon.

Hang on to the bacon, people. Hang on.