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hello i am fat

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Moist and delicious homemade carrot cake. Mounds of rich and creamery cream-cheese frosting. A delicate sprinkling of chopped walnuts.

Two, two and a half points, right?

  1. Blogger canknitian | 11:41 AM |  

    2.5 Max! You've covered every food group, and I'm sure there was lots of fibre. And if you ate it with friends or for breakfast, there are even fewer points.

  2. Blogger Melanie | 1:31 PM |  

    i'm really leaning toward 1.5 or 2.

  3. Blogger Meredith | 7:45 PM |  

    Funny, I was going to say zero. Is that wrong?

  4. Blogger anne | 1:50 PM |  

    That's totally what I thought! Dieting is maybe not so bad after all.

  5. Blogger Loretta | 6:36 AM |  

    Like the new look (of the blog)... I agree... shouldn't be too many points...you get to subtract a few for huge fiber content...and then think the dairy is great for you bones, and you have had vegetables too! And you are getting protein from the nuts! Good Job! I think I might have to go on the carrot cake diet!

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