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hello i am fat

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ratta tat tat

And then, I got a tattoo. On the inside of my forearm. Lovely and emblematic and also badass, for I am a badass. Especially when I eat Oreos, hooray.

I examined it critically, post-outline, turning my arm this way and that, lifting it, shifting around, enjoying it aesthetically and also viscerally (because ow). And then I turned to Guy and said, perfectly seriously, "Hey - does this make my arm look fat?"

And he said, "That's got to be the weirdest iteration of that question ever in the history of that question."

"But does it?"

"No. No, it does not, and hush."

My tattoo is pretty, and so's my forearm. Hooray!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:48 PM |  

    What is it?

    (All of my tattoo ideas are words. I am hyperverbal. But always interested in other people's tattoos!)


  2. Blogger Leah | 10:01 PM |  

    Congratulations! It took me a month of researching and pondering to draw up mine, changing my mind literally up till the second before the artist started tearing into my skin. But once it was down, I was so full of the tattoo love. I still love to flash it to people (along with parts of my boobs).

    Post pictures!

    Oh, and I love your blog. You crack me up as regularily as you write.

  3. Anonymous BethK | 7:36 AM |  

    The tattoo on my back actually looks much better now that the canvas isn't quite so, hmmm... squishy. Mine's all line with almost no fill, so, yeah, with the Ow!


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