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hello i am fat

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true love

My iPod. My iPod! It arrived. It's SHINY.

shinyshinyshinyshinyshinySHINY. SHINY!

I think I love it. Maybe just a little bit.

Because I am not weird and obsessed, I am not going to name it. And I am not going to sleep with it. I will not tuck it into a little knitted cozy, and keep it by my side and love it and squeeze it and call it George. Because I already swore I wouldn't name it.

But man, it's been really, really hard to not lick it.

  1. Blogger canknitian | 6:40 AM |  

    George is a very nice name!

  2. Blogger Lisa | 1:20 PM |  

    oh go ahead an lick it....I rubbed my new credit card all over my body when I received it...then did the same to a friend of mine when we were in Vegas last year cos she kept winning, I was trying to get some of her luck. I vote you lick it....it will make the bond between you and George that much stronger :)

  3. Blogger Melanie | 4:25 PM |  

    Excellent! I love my iPod. It might be my favorite thing in the entire world. There is nothing better than my iPod. I didn't think I'd name mine either, and I don't call it by its name, but somewhere in the hardware sits the name "Betsy".


  4. Blogger Ms Gigglepuss | 6:37 PM |  

    Lick it, love it, become one with the wonderful iPod :)

    I don't have one yet, but it is definitely the next thing on my list once I lose another 15 pounds!!

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