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hello i am fat

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picture this -

(italy, 1937)

Here's a picture, post-outline, pre-color, all lovely.

It makes me intensively, extensively happy. But I am disappointed that I stopped before even the shading, and a little mad at myself. He asked me, "do you want to take a break?" and I said "yes oh yes please thanks! uh huh." And I felt like my crew of tattoo-cheerer-ons had been arranged around the tattoo studio, watching me sit and occasionally wince, for entirely too long. Stretches of time that end way out beyond the borders of Friendship and deep in the desert of "do I know you?"

Tattoo-getting may be rife with soul-searing pain and blood and etcetera, but it is remarkably uninteresting in execution.

So since I chickened out, tuckered out, courteously bowed out of further tattooation, I now have to wait 10 days to three weeks (three weeks!) before I can get it finished up. I enjoy looking at it now, because it is lovely, but I am impatient to see it complete.

And it will be good to have a real reason to be accidentally waving my forearm around in peoples' faces, and acting all surprised and pleased when they notice my fancy new ink.

  1. Anonymous BethK | 5:48 AM |  

    That is quite lovely and it looks pratically healed already. The outline is the hard part. The shading's not anywhere as intense with the breathing and the self control. Some people even think it's better to wait between the line and the shading. Post a picuture of the final product... Damn, now I want new ink!

  2. Anonymous marta | 12:29 PM |  

    it's gorgeous! absolutely lovely. now i want another one too!

  3. Blogger Ms Gigglepuss | 8:22 AM |  

    Ooh, I love it! Now if only I wasn't such a wimp, I'd get one! Can't wait to see what the finished product will look like.

  4. Blogger amy | 10:49 AM |  

    so is this on your self? i got a tattoo done on dec. 3rd.... on my lower back that i designed (see my blog for the picture) and then i got another one on my inner right ankle on feb. 26th. both i designed. i love them both and honestly i did the whole mind over matter bullshit and never felt any pain whatsoever. i also brought along a cheering section of pals both times. that does the trick.

  5. Blogger BrooklynGirl | 5:25 PM |  

    A. I love you
    B. I love your tattoo
    C. No, it does not make your arm look fat
    D. Can I keep you? Will you join my biker gang? When I rule the world, will you be my "Chick in charge of snacks"? It's a government job, so you dont have to worry about being fired or anything.

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