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hello i am fat

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news & notes

I updated the look of this site (sleek! sexy!) and updated my links (you are so sleek! you are so sexy!) after I realized both were horribly out of date and if I did not fix them, I would have tiny little fits.

I think I did a reasonable job in clearing out the dead links and adding pages I have been reading, but if you think I love you and have forgotten about you, please tell me. If you think I would love you if only I knew you, please say hey, and let's have a beautiful relationship. If you think you've written me an email and I never responded, you are probably right, because I suck at email and humbly apologize.

Also! The always-amazing Big Fat Deal has gotten an even sexier face lift and a brand new URL. Please head over and join the party - there are smart people, saying smart things, and there is nothing better in the world than that.

I'm Gary Gnu, and that's the gnews.

  1. Anonymous littlem | 5:58 PM |  

    Almost forgiven because sleek! and sexy!.

    Truly almost forgiven because smart! and funny!.

    Truly forgiven when you write back dammit.


  2. Anonymous Loretta | 9:48 AM |  

    Very clean! Almost too clean, but dead sexy!

  3. Blogger anne | 2:34 PM |  

    Thank you! Um, I will! I swear!

    And yes, it's very minimalist. Someday soon, I will add pictures of ham. Even sexier!

  4. Blogger Luna Bella | 4:52 PM |  

    Great new look! I've been reading for a while but don't believe I've left a comment before (?)...

    Totally with you on the airline seat neurosis you discussed in your previous post. I had to ask for an extender to my seatbelt once on an international flight a couple of years ago, and I was humiliated beyond words. More of that kind of experience definitely wouldn't make me any more motivated to lose weight. I think they only serve to reinforce those old feelings that we are not good enough and that we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. At least for me, not the mindset I need when I'm contemplating long-term changes in my life. It's a very interesting question, though.

    Thanks for your posts--always well-written and interesting!

  5. Blogger Shelly | 11:47 AM |  

    Nice look! I love it.

    And I didn't think *anyone* but me remembered Gary Gnu. Awesome.

  6. Anonymous Leah | 5:01 PM |  

    I just found your site today and have read the whole thing - awesome!
    I love the way you write! And I'm excited for you about the "body of work" gig - please spread the magic dust of how to actually get paid to write please pretty please. (I know it's not really magic dust - I know you actually suffer over every word and work hard...congratulations!!)

    Also, I'm asking/begging for a link - I just had Lap Band surgery on 4/30/07 and I'd love to find more Lap Band blogs (I have a lot of WLS blogs I love, and they, like yours, are mostly DS blogs...).

    So, if you think we are height/weight/humor compatible, my address is www.ALittleSqueeze.com.


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