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hello i am fat

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dispatch from the front

Started off in tight size 28W pants. Today: size 20. 20R

Mood: Like, whoa.

More to come.

(p.s. they look so tiny. am i really that tiny?)

  1. Blogger Melli | 12:46 PM |  

    LOL! I've been in my smaller jeans for several months now, and I still look at them and say that! My tops too! I'm like NO WAY! That won't fit me - and then it does! FUN, huh? I'm sure it's REALLY a trip for you - because it's all happening SO FAST!!! YAY!

  2. Anonymous ezpy | 1:11 PM |  

    It's so weird, isn't it? I can't even shop properly for clothes anymore -- everything either looks too small or like it might fit -- I guess all misses sizes (at least the 4 - 12 ones) still look pretty much the same to me.

    Happy days! Congrats Anne!

  3. Anonymous kp | 1:49 PM |  

    Congrats! Keep it up!

  4. Blogger suburban wonder | 6:09 PM |  

    Yep, they are really that tiny. I started at 24s and am now in 12s. My husband's jeans are now too big for me. It's a wild and crazy trip, so hang on!

  5. Blogger Fat Victoria | 12:11 AM |  

    Woohoo! I know how great that feels! Hold onto those fat pants to remind yourself of how far you've come. Try them on once in a while. :)

  6. Blogger Lingerie Lady | 7:30 AM |  

    I know what you mean - I started around a 34 and just bought size 18 pants and XL and L shirts this weekend. I was folding some old t-shirts that I still wear around the house that are 3X and couldn't believe the amount of material compared to the clothes I just bought. I can't wait to buy my Easter dress and compare it to the one I bought last year that didn't even fit at a 32 or 34.

    Keep up the good work!!

  7. Blogger Andrea | 9:34 AM |  

    Right on, dood. Right on.

  8. Blogger Rivkeh | 12:57 PM |  

    Your posts just make me smile and smile and smile. You are so darn funny & smart!!! Keep it all up...the weight loss is just icing on the cake (pun intended) of what a cool chick you always were.

  9. Blogger terri | 5:19 PM |  

    i love your little posts too and although i don't know a bloomin' thing about you, i am awfully happy for you. i can feel your smile!

  10. Blogger Vamp | 1:10 PM |  

    Is it sad that I feel that way about size 28 pants? I just realized I can't wear 30/32's anymore and I was totally stoked. Baby steps, right? I can hardly wait until the size 20s!

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