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hello i am fat

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week one: the retrospective (i.e., yay sausage!)

So the meal plan thing has been working out really well. Kashi and soy milk and Lean Cuisines and occasional splurges, within my calorie budget, filled with exciting satisfyingness and it's all been terribly reasonable and filled with moderation and except for the moments in which I thought that I was going to burst into tears for being the kind of person who has a "calorie budget," everything went swimmingly swimming all week.

And then there was this weekend, which was an orgy of pie and sausage. But not all at once. Two separate occasions, two separate downfalls.

But who knew that pie and sausage would be my downfalls? Well, anyone who knows me, and has seen me in the room with a pie and or a sausage, I suppose. But I like to dream that these were flukes, my encounters with pie (filled with fruit, delicious) and sausage (covered with sauerkraut, delicious) that lead me into temptation and forty point days, after a long and sexy string of exactly-on-target days.

But you know, I wrote down all my points and I checked off all my bonus points and I sighed and I recognized that I had accountability in these situations and when next I encounter pie (delicious) and sausage (delicious) or even possibly sausage pie (indescribably delicious, in my head) I will have a Plan of Action and Points-a-Plenty and I can have my pie and count it too and be well within my calorie budget, the thought of which makes me want to burst into tears.

Succeeding, though. That makes me feel okay. And I think this week I've more or less succeeded at getting some stuff under control, and remembering why I want to do this: vanity. I mean health. Fitness! And a nice, fit ass.

Tomorrow I weigh in, and I look forward to having lost fifty three pounds.

  1. Blogger Jackie | 6:42 PM |  

    I am so happy for you and SO jealous too. I can't wait until I can say those sorts of things.

    I love Kashi and Soy Milk and Lean Cuisines, and, unfortunately, pie, chocolate and sausage. So I can sympathize.

  2. Anonymous LMG | 5:51 AM |  

    Good to see you back - I found your blog last month, read your entire archive and then you went AWOL! Not fair.

    Anyhoo, it's not vanity, wanting to fit into smaller clothes. Apparently it's freedom (as in the freedom to wear what you want, do what you want, have your life in control, yadda yadda yadda). Sounds better, and it's what I keep telling myself...

  3. Anonymous FatBlogger | 8:13 AM |  

    Don’t despair, everyone has a calorie budget, they just don’t know it!

    Next time, try combining the sausage with the pie and you might curb such cravings! I love sausage too, it is the only thing that keeps me eating pigs...

    If you reach your goal, congratulations! And even if you don’t, fifty pounds is amazingly awesome and you should be proud and confident that you can continue this journey!

  4. Blogger mo pie | 11:06 AM |  

    The 53 pounds thing was a very funny joke, my friends. She's on WEEK ONE.

    She will get there, but maybe not in week one. (If you only lose 43 pounds in the first week, try not to feel too bad, Anne.)

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