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hello i am fat

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baby steps

I quit smoking! It has been five weeks. Every one of which has been deeply unpleasant. When I quit smoking (and I have quit smoking many times), I do not ever get to that magical point where people are all evangelical and the smell of cigarettes is just, phew! and ew! and and oh! how could they ever have lived a life full of such poison, rot and stink?

Me, I love smoking. I fucking love it. I will always love it, and it will always love me back. No matter for how long I quit. That is the kind of relationship me and smoking have. We love, we live, we laugh, we get cancer and die – but we die together! And isn't that the important thing? I love you smoking. Wait for me. Stay alive! I will find you! Though probably not.

Quitting smoking was the first step in the whole pre-screening process of processes that come before the major process, with the cutting and chopping and the anesthesia. The next was finding a doctor who would accept my insurance and in return, be accepted by my insurance, and it turns out he exists. Thank you for existing, mr. doctor man.

I went in with Guy for my evaluation and thingums, and I was surprised at how emotional I got, talking about my history of fatness and how I wasn't stupid and my primary care physician says to me "forget weight loss surgery! Just eat less and move more!" as if I am retarded and slow. Like I'm leaving every appointment all "she said I should eat twinkies and float in a vat of pudding! I love weight loss!" As if I have not been trying that for 20 years, up and down and up and down.

Guy was phenomenal and was very interested in the vitamination process, post-surgery. He is making plans about pill boxes with the days of the week and the times of the day, and he is taking off time from work to be around while I am recovering and he is worried for me and proud of me for being brave and he has loved me both fat and thinner and I can't imagine being any luckier.

At the psychologist appointment, the doctor told me I was a very excellent candidate, and he was kind and also supportive and it did not feel as if I were paying him to feel like that. But he asked questions about my relationships and he said – you know they're going to change, right? You know things are going to be different after you lose this weight? It could be good, or it could be bad, but I want you to prepare for it. Your boyfriend might not like you slender; he might not deal well with the attention you get. You might not deal well with the attention you get. Are you prepared for that? I can't imagine things changing; it seems completely impossible. Of course it is possible. Of course I will try to imagine that these things might happen. Forewarned means armed and dangerous.

Oh, this is so much more complicated than I wanted it to be. That does not surprise me, though. Easy way out, my ass.

And after all that, with the waiting and the quitting and the waiting and the talking and the appointmenting, now I have a date for the surgery. I am going in on Tuesday, November 7th. Election day. I elect to be healthy! Hahahaha! Sorry.

I am kind of freaking out, and I can't tell if it is happy EEEEEE or happy OH MY GOD, but from the churning sensation in my gut and the way I am dancing around my desk anyway, I think it might be a little bit of both. Holy, holy shit. I'm doing this. I can't wait to do this.

  1. Anonymous j @ rta | 7:36 PM |  

    I am so proud of you! Seriously, lady, it sounds like you're taking good care of yourself and things are shaping up (ha) the way you'd hoped. Yay team!

    BIG HUG from your corny friend,

  2. Blogger PastaQueen | 9:09 PM |  

    That's great that you're quitting smoking! It's like a free gift thrown in with the purchase of gastric bypass surgery. Lose weight *and* get healthy pink lungs!

  3. Blogger lens | 8:29 AM |  

    Woohoo! Congratulations, salutations and celebrations on it all: the quitting smoking, the quitting dieting and self-hating.
    Your re-birthday (yes, I have been researching all the jargon, who knew that all the WLS people have their own lexicon?) is on my real birthday, so I will definitely cross all appendages and send out good thoughts, prayers, butterflies, puppies and soap bubbles your way as I blow out the candles on my tofu'n'bean curd cake.
    Hope to be where you are soon!

  4. Blogger Allison | 2:02 PM |  

    Congratulations on the date, and on having someone who cares so much about you who will be there after the date!

  5. Blogger Jules | 10:09 PM |  

    Good luck with your surgery! I look forward to reading about your journey! I myself am over 100lbs overweight and have had doctors tell me surgery would be the only way I could loose the weight at my age. But I am exercising and trying to find the right food plan. I hope this is what finally gives you the opportunity to be who you want to be!! Keep the faith!!

  6. Anonymous ChiKat | 4:06 PM |  

    It sounds like you have found the right path for yourself and you are moving forward. That is wonderful news. Congratulations and good luck. Hope you keep posting so I can read about your journey.

  7. Anonymous Erin | 7:09 AM |  

    Please tell me more about the twinkies and pudding diet? I'm very interested!

    Just kidding. Good luck to you, my dear.

  8. Blogger *S* | 11:19 AM |  

    7 November sounds great! My DS day is 31 October. I figured it was a great day for masks. Good luck!

  9. Anonymous Jan Bridge | 2:21 PM |  

    I could not face surgery. On January 2006 (10 months ago) I weighed 300 pounds. Today I weigh 178. HONEST and TRUE

    There is an OUTSTANDING program in Davis, CA - called Obesity Treatment center - their protocol is a medically monitored VLCD (very low calorie Diet) using a supplement from Robards, called New Direction. (you can Google any of the phrases above for additional information.

    It would be accessible to you on the Capital Corridor train - San Jose to Davis round trip . . .

  10. Blogger Beth | 3:55 PM |  

    When they invent those magic healthy vitamin-enriched, non-cancer-causing, rose-scented cigarettes that I am sure they are going to invent some day, I will share my first carton with you. (That is how I quit. I did not really quit, I am just taking a break until they come out with the healthy ones.)

    I am excited and worried for you (because surgery is scary) and completely in awe of your bravery.

  11. Blogger Ana Daniela | 10:39 AM |  

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