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hello i am fat

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things as they happen

The sad thing about not chronicling all the seconds that pass as they are passing right that second is that you forget what you've done and what led from A straight through B and C and D and so on. And it is annoying how things keep happening and everything changes and the earth keeps all swinging around the sun and shit. Slow down! Go back! I would like five minutes to enjoy my waffle and my television programs, thank you.

So what has happened, on the macro level, is that I have gone from simply deciding to have weight loss surgery to believing in it and looking forward to it (though I remain terrified of it, on a purely logical and rational basis, because ow, major surgery). It is something that I have stopped being embarrassed to talk about, and now admit to freely, to various reactions. Most of them have been positive. My mother, though – still haven't told my mother. My mother drives me nuts enough as it is.

In the meantime, before I tell you all about the excitement, adventure, and really wild things, I also want to say that I am very excited to be a guest poster on one of my more favorite sites, Big Fat Deal, with the lovely Monique.

I get to post about my very personal knee-jerk reactions to stories about obesity in the news, and point out cool things and talk about interesting things, and I am really pleased to be a part of it. We'd love you to come say hi, and talk all smart in that way that you do.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:23 PM |  

    Thanks for your stream of words that seem to be expressing my feelings at this time, as well.
    I am finishing my thesis, recovering from chemotherapy, and mourning the loss of the youthful body I once had. All of this sitting has put so much on me and I see no way to get it off.
    I want to know if you finished your thesis and if that milestone has helped. I hope it has.
    My research takes me into the operating rooms performing gastric bypass surgery almost every week and I work around hospital staff who've had the procedure. It has changed their lives but it doesn't solve all the problems. I wish you loads of luck! Keep it up!

  2. Blogger *S* | 1:03 PM |  

    Hey! Good for you for having made your decision. The work doesn't stop with making the decision - you have to own it too. What surgery did you decide on? I'm hoping to have my DS surgery on 31 October in SF.
    And I hope to get another chapter of my diss out of the way before then.


  3. Blogger anne | 4:51 PM |  

    Thanks! I'm doing the duodenal switch. My insurance company is full of evil, and so I've got to go to a hospital outside of the city (way outside. I shake my fist) but my doctor is beyond excellent, so I do not mind so much.

  4. Blogger J | 6:23 PM |  

    Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

    I have a Idiot Proof Diet site. It pretty much covers dieting related things.

    Come and check it out if you get time ;)

  5. Blogger Ana Daniela | 10:39 AM |  

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