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hello i am fat

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dispatches from the front: part mumble

Note One: I have officially lost one hundred and four pounds. Or, 104. Or, ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR. That is a lot of goddamn pounds. It is more than half-way. 62 more pounds to go to my doctor's goal for me. Jesus Christ. Holy crap. Whee!

Note Two: Yesterday, stretching before my run, I realized that I could put both palms boom, flat down on the floor. (See above re: crap, holy and whee!)

Note the Third: I dropped by Forth and Towne when I was at (shudder) the mall this past weekend. Their sizes go up to 20, and they had a very lovely dress on their website not so long ago, and I thought I would try it on, maybe pick up something pretty to celebrate having lost ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR (104) pounds. I tried on the dress in a 20. Too big. Down to an 18. Too big. Down, incredulously, to an 16 - wait, no 16? Okay, I'll try the 14, I said, flush with power. Back fat! Yar. (Also: sexy) So I didn't buy it. But to not be in their largest sizes? Oh, that was a revelation. (Ibid.)

  1. Blogger Anonymous Boxer | 9:22 PM |  

    If I could reach through the computer and give you a big hug, I would. What an amazing thing!!

  2. Blogger Nacho | 7:37 AM |  

    Yay, size 16! Yay, new site! Yay, you're posting! LOVE your writing - hugs and kisses, girl.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:35 AM |  

    Awesomely awesome! I hope you're proud of your accomplishment!

  4. Anonymous Loretta | 11:02 AM |  


  5. Blogger Tel | 6:37 PM |  

    104 pounds!? Holy shit, girl! That's amazing! ;)

  6. Blogger Lotta | 8:44 PM |  

    You rock! I started a Friday weigh in club on my blog and have lost almost 20 pounds so far. But I've got about 100 to go so you are a great inspiration!

  7. Blogger Nina | 11:06 PM |  

    Honey, people like you make me want to wake up every day and do everything right. I am thrilled for you. And not just thrilled, either; I am so proud of you (Internet stranger) for doing the work and being honest about your process and your life and respecting this place enough to share the experience with other people.

    OK, enough cheese. You look hot in that dress.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:41 AM |  

    I just want you to know that there is a complete stranger yelling yay good for you right this second. :) congrats.

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