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hello i am fat

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sneak peak

For those of you who say I don't post enough (which is everyone including my mother), what you'll find over here will probably make you happy. New post every weekday morning. (But ssshh. We're not live yet.)

  1. Anonymous Deluzy | 3:22 PM |  

    LOVE the new look here and at BODY OF WORK. I will now subscribe to the feeds for BOTH. :)

  2. Blogger beth | 8:44 AM |  


  3. Blogger Rivkeh | 12:46 PM |  

    I honestly didn't think your writing could get better. Then it did. It's brilliant. You are brilliant. Backwards pizza is heatrwrenching, creative, different, and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these parts of yourself with us.

  4. Blogger Anonymous Boxer | 1:32 PM |  

    New design is fetching. And daily-ish posts from you would be fabulous. I love them all.

  5. Blogger bulbul | 2:24 AM |  

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