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hello i am fat

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important questions

Here is a dilemma, which is kind of hilarious and also sad. After the big closet clean-out, I was able to give most of my clothes to pie, who looks very cute in them. The ones she didn’t take, I could donate, and then people all over San Francisco could look almost but not quite as cute as me or pie.

Now, however, I’ve done the dresser clean out, and I’ve ended up with a nearly empty dresser, and six paper bags full of clothing. What do I do with these? Donate! you cry, and I say yes! That is so brilliant! Except that these bags are 6 paper bags full of pants that are not in the greatest shape, nightgowns, sleepshirts, and underpants. I don’t think there’s a Goodwill in the world that is going to take my underpants.

I could trash the stuff, but it seems like a huge waste and it makes me sad. Are there shelters which take underpants? I imagine there must be, but I also imagine that it’s new underwear that they are wanting, and not so much the kind which has been, you know. Gently used.

Pillows! I could make pillows! Or new skirts. Or a blanket. I had some really cute underpants. Who wouldn’t want an all-cotton quilt featuring adorable stripes, dots, polar bears and little hearts? Communists, that’s who. I think I have just figured out my mother’s day present this year. Losing weight is awesome.

  1. Blogger PastaQueen | 7:55 AM |  

    You can still give them to Goodwill and if they don't want them they give them to a company that shreds up the clothes to make rugs. That's what they do with all the clothing that doesn't sell. At least that's what my cousin told me. She used to work at Goodwill. She was hired because she spoke Spanish and they wanted her to spy on some employees they thought were stealing. Drama!

  2. Anonymous Jenny | 2:29 PM |  

    As much as a pillow made from underwear would be a DREAM to receive, PastaQueen is right - you can take all of those unmentionables straight down to your local Goodwill.... and they will thank you!

  3. Blogger Christine | 11:30 PM |  

    Hehe. As much as I love your good intentions with donating your underpants - I have to laugh. :) Good for you on the weight loss - just had to snicker at your blog! :) We are all fighting the sme fight - I can't wait for the day that I can throw out panties too!

  4. Anonymous Ezpy | 2:35 PM |  

    If you have a homeless shelter in the area that helps homeless women, they would love to get any plus size clothing. Including your underwear.

  5. Blogger littlem | 4:02 PM |  

    I was going to say what PastaQueen said. That said, do check the rules of your local Goodwill re: recycling before you haul a bunch of stuff down there. YMMV.

  6. Blogger Kate | 6:47 PM |  

    I find Goodwill to be awfully hoity toity abuot what they take and don't take. They SELL half the donations in unmarked big bags to ship off to Asia where people buy the stuff by the pound. Not a lot of ends up in our stores.

    I've taken bags of it and passed it out to women I see living on the steps of churches and in alleys. What they can't use, they convert to rags and blankets, and give to others in their situation. That's one idea.

    Two, and this is what I'm planning now ... I'm having a Fat Girl Clothing Day. In my home. I've sorted out the decent stuff from the "Free Stuff." I'm going to advertise on a few WLS fattie communities and like-mined community boards, that I'm getting rid of my plus sized clothes. I'm inviting these women to come over on a certain day, between certain hours. Complimentary refreshments will be served. Swaps will be considered. I hope to have some music playing. A dressing area will be provided. Come try on plus sized clothes in comfort, nibble on some sugar free snacks, have a 0 calorie beverage, and here's a hangar for your clothes -- I've got plenty.

    I may make nothing. I may make a few bucks. Doesn't matter. Th ere are bound to be a lot of women who share our dilemma, who wouldn't mind spending an hour in my living room, laughing over a pair of $1.00 stretch pants and a Splenda Cupcake.

  7. Anonymous Cynthia Samuels | 2:01 PM |  

    I use old old ratty clothes for cleaning rags, polishing and stuff (none of which I do often enough but nevermind. It's a good use of them.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:19 PM |  

    battered women arrive at shelters with the clothes on their backs and would appreciate anything.

  9. Blogger torri.sanders | 11:55 AM |  

    OMG I think I am in love with you and your journal. The way you write is awesome, and just makes me feel so related to everything you say.

    Do you keep a livejournal as well? If so, gotta friend you on there. You will find me as lvlystori.

    I too, have dealt with being morbidly obese my entire life, I just turned 30, and I am about to go under the knife for WLS in September, so reading this just ... wow. Amazing gal.

    If anything, I'll keep reading here and will finish reading everything soon (since I am supposed to be working, and not fucking around looking at blogs)

    take care!

  10. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:40 PM |  

    I love the idea of giving the clothes to homeless shelters, but myself use the rule that if it's too nasty for me to wear - holes, stains, what have you - and feel good about myself, I don't want anyone else to have to schlep around in my schmattes. As for the undies of shame, I usually end up using them for rags for cleaning.


  11. Blogger randomfatgirl | 8:48 AM |  

    I just can't get the image of someone curling up under a panty quilt out of my mind...love it!! :)

  12. Blogger Verity | 7:38 AM |  

    Hi, just found your site and am loving it. I am losing weight myself at the moment and I love reading about what other people are going through. Well done of everything that you have acheived - very impressed. x

    Check out my blog at www.veritysworld.blogspot.com

  13. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:27 PM |  

    Any kind of place dealing with developmentally disabled may take them. Like an adult day-care center, where they have people who are retarded who have "accidents" or spill food. Or nursing homes in poor areas. Alot of times they keep a "bank" of stretchy comfy clothing for people who have incontinence etc.

  14. Blogger Fat Runner Girl | 11:50 PM |  

    ingenious! thanks for the great underwear idea :)

  15. Blogger Jan B | 5:03 AM |  

    I started ebaying my "fat" clothes and ended up earning over 200 dollars. I did bathing suits too, which is about as close as I came to panties. I did donate some of the newer panties to a thrift store. It's anonymous and I figure if they don't want them they can trash them.

  16. Anonymous random junior high kid | 6:05 PM |  

    I'm only 12, but I stumbles across your blog today. I can totally relate to not being able to control myself when it comes to eting. (But it looks like you can now!! Sweet job!!)

    I eat like a pig...
    For lunch today I had three cookies, a twix bar, a pack of chips, and a handful of cheetos. The three things that save me from fatness are:

    1. I'm on my school soccer team and play for two hours, six days a week.

    2. I'm a vegetarian.

    3. I have an ultrafast metabolism and am still skinny. (This is a bad tings that I kind of resent.)

  17. Blogger unbonhomme | 10:42 AM |  

    I think that Goodwill will actually make pillows from your used panties and nightgowns, if no one ever buys the.

    My word verification thingy is:

    "frskean" (friske-an)

  18. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:56 AM |  

    I say be ruthless - toss 'em. I know its not the most P.C. thing to do but it seems to me that getting the old clothes out of your house is more important.

  19. Blogger K. | 3:05 PM |  

    Oh come on! You must toos them! Would you want to be given someone else's underwear??? Jsut let them go, it isn't a waste, it's a celebration! K

  20. Blogger butterfly | 2:36 PM |  

    I'm going through the same! I just set aside 4 industrial sized garbage bags filled with my old "fat" clothes.

    I never thought that I'd have such mixed emotions about parting with them. Some of my clothes hold sentimental value, they remind me of good times, or once upon a time were flattering.

    I'm planning on giving them to a friend of mine, but there are some pants that the inner thigh area is on the verge of needing "patch work". I'm thinking now that I'll just toss them even though I still feel like it's a waste.

    Congratulations to you, and I'll definitely be checking back!

  21. Anonymous Herbalife Las Vegas | 10:10 PM |  

    Congratulations to you. I will be checking this blog more, great job!

  22. Blogger spitandvinegar | 12:53 PM |  

    I like your style! It's weird how people have the same thoughts as I do... I always think I'm alone in my quest to turn my closets into quilts.

  23. Blogger Bunny | 1:14 PM |  

    Would love to have an update on how you are doing. I got banded beginning of 2007 and it has been HELL. Only lost 11 pounds so far in 2.5 years.

  24. Anonymous mandy kandy | 2:19 PM |  

    Jeans and such make for a great heavy quilt....you could cut up the different materials and make a "fat clothes" quilt to remind you of days gone by. Something you can see everyday to remind yourself that you will NEVER BE THAT SIZE again. Just thoughts....congrats on the weight loss.

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  27. Anonymous Patty | 11:33 AM |  

    I say donate them to your local homeless shelter, that's what I did with my stuff.

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